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The grocery store trip


This week's column concerns the hellacious experience endured by every parent at one time or another: The Grocery Store Brat Attack. Whenever I approach a grocery store with my two children my ovaries scream and shut down.

I've gotten a lot of e-mail over this piece already this morning, but an alarming amount of it scolds me for "not disciplining" my children. Rest assured, I do discipline my children.

While Liam's antics were relatively minor, the kid had just received a shot of adrenaline not thirty minutes prior to stem off an allergic reaction to his shot. That figured into consideration. See? I do have some mercy. Ewan was also disciplined. However, any parent that says their children listened and obeyed in the store immediately after discipline is a lying liar and I call BS on you. If you have magical talents, screw you for not sharing with the class!

Lastly, I'm sick today. It feels like I've gargled razors.
Also, I've been really slow responding to e-mail last week because of all the VBS stuff. Please don't take it personally, I try to reply to some but am just not able to do so with all. I love that you write and I read every bit in my inbox. Thanks!

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