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My latest for Momversation concerns being the mother of boys and the point at which your sons stop going with you into the ladies' bathroom and start going into the men's room. On their own. It's a scary prospect when you think of stories like this one. I'm not as concerned about Liam or Ewan forgetting to wash their hands (yes, ew, gross) as I am about them using a restroom alone and being in the same proximity as a child predator. 

By the way, for those who are considering using this as an anti-man thing in a fiery little email to me later, as a mother you AUTOMATICALLY look at every stranger as a possible predator. It's a driving instinct to protect your child; in the women's room with me there is no chance that they could be prey. In a men's room, alone, they certainly could be and it's happened to children before. 

Every now and then Liam will use the men's room solo (when we're not with Chris) but I'm always right outside the door. I continue to take them into the women's restroom but Liam is beginning to reject that altogether. I don't do "family restrooms" because once at the Y we tried the family restroom and it was all BOOBS AND BUTTS! BOOBS AND BUTTS! everywhere and just OMG no. It's a sweet gesture from whomever invented the idea but it doesn't work for tightly-wound people like myself. 

Anyway, here is our discussion on it. Am I being paranoid? Do I just hate men? What do you do with your boys? And if you're a dad and you have a daughter, GEEZ, you're in a worse position - how do you deal? For now you can comment on the Momversation site; I'll be opening up comments again when I return.

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