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- Sometimes its worth re-reading what I wrote about trademarks a couple of years ago. Please, when you are setting out to title your new website, make sure that you aren't causing confusion with other mamas' ways of earning money for their little ones. Golden rule! It may seem like it isn't a big thing but it can be, which is why in this age of personal branding (gag, right?) you should proceed with caution. 

- I'm still playing catch-up from last weekend. My Mother's Day redux is this Saturday, lunch after visiting my friend's bakery and contributing to a drive to collect supplies for men and women serving overseas. No one should ever have to go without wet wipes or nice deodorant while serving in the desert and eating MREs for months on end. 

- Liam is dealing with a difficult kid in one of his homeschool classes. Sigh. The kid told Liam that he was going to "beat him" over something. Liam had rolled his eyes in response; since Liam's had boxing lessons (his grandpa is a corner man in the local boxing scene here and helps train fighters), I told him that I would have responded with: "I'm here now. What are you waiting for?" Harsh? Liam has such a sweet heart. He almost fell over when I told him that not everyone in the world will like him. The best, most relatable example I could think to give him of this was me. 

"I don't care if he likes me. It doesn't change what I think of him," Liam concluded. I love how he knows who he is and won't allow outside perception to change that. More on this later. 

- I'm working to restore comments on this website. I shut them down last year when things got crazy but I've met more and more people over the past year who are truly open-minded (where have you been?! I'm so glad to see you!) and something else has been restored. Technically, it's not as easy as a click of a button with MT but I'm working on it. 

- I'm working on something that may be using more words than I can spread across the webernetz in the next couple of weeks but I will be in and out with things.

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