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Hair Round Deux

I'm turning into some sort of hair blogger.

Picture 22.png(In front of my green screen for PJTV in my office/studio this morning.)

Last night I went back to my genius stylist, Heather at Elan Salon, to get my second Brazilian treatment. A lot of you asked how well my hair held up in the waning weeks of the first treatment; honestly it did pretty well. Towards the end of the first cycle I did have to work a bit more with the hair dryer and use my flat iron some but even then it took me only about a half hour in total as opposed to a two whole whopping hours like before. Also, I could still dry my hair without a diffuser and it wouldn't hiss at me and reach to the ceiling. It was still soft and easy to manage and I could let it air dry without it going totally bonkers.

Last night the process took a shorter amount of time to complete, honestly, I wasn't watching the clock because we were too busy talking about the Vanity Fair magazine I was reading and how happy we were that my sartorial idol, Helena Bonham Carter, was on their best-dressed list.

Heather applied a gloss, very subtle color, and the keratin to my hair in total. I haven't colored my hair in ten years and back then when I did I dyed my hair black. She used a subtle chocolate brown to hide the brassiness and redness that tends to show in my ends, those well-worn parts of our hair. I have Irish in my family and red hair in my family and I am a cool tone type of girl, meaning that when I dyed my hair red when I was 19 it looked like I had a head wound oh, and AWFUL.

I had Heather cut my bangs a little shorter than last time only because my hair loooooves the very healthy keratin (think of it as extreme conditioning) and thus I swear it grew faster than normal.

Very happy with the results; I'll be doing this treatment for as long as they exist - I'd do it based on the amount of time it saves me every day alone, not to mention how much better my hair does and looks with it now. I should also note that when I was in the makeup chair at Wendy Williams the stylist went nuts over it, loved it (I love her stylist, FYI. I wanted to pack him up in my luggage and have him do my makeup FOR EVER) - a stark contrast to the HOUR I spent in his chair previously before I had the treatment. Good times. 

Here are photos and video from the first time around:

A Whole Other Type of Brazilian

Hair Update

Side note: I've been traveling a lot lately and will be doing some more before we hit mid-fall, for speaking things and a premiere of a documentary film in which I'm featured. More on that later.

Sharp Dressed Man

Blues Brothers

Sometime over the past year Ewan has developed an affinity for the Blues Brothers ensemble. He's always had a thing for hats; now, if I'd let him, he'd wear, play, and sleep in his little hand-me-down suits and ties. (His Grim Reaper phase passed sometime last year.)

Blues Brothers at the movies

He's got a pin in that hat. It's a child's hat that I found in a vintage store somewhere in Missouri wine country. I saw it and it said "EWAN." He's way cooler than I ever was at his age ... or even as a teenager, sadly. 

Cue ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man"

"It's the best hat ever," He said after I brought it home and presented it to him. "Thank you for seeing it and getting it for me mama," he said in his adorable chipmunk voice. Then he scampered off to the bathroom to climb atop the toilet and stare in the mirror at himself wearing his new hat. 

New York and Wendy Williams

Me and Wendy

Sunday I flew to New York to appear on Wendy Williams' show for Momversation. Wendy, if you didn't know, was one of the first women to master and dominate radio, a pioneer for our sex in what is still predominately a man's industry, and was inducted into the radio Hall of Fame last November. 

Now she has a hit show and she and her staff welcomed me on and were as every bit kind and gracious as you can imagine. It was a blast. 

I also started the show and introduced Wendy but I'll have to yank that off the DVR and post separately because it's not online. I'm wearing PINK. One of Wendy's producers, Joelle, told me over the phone to wear something "fun and colorful." I looked at my closet and laughed out loud. Some people exaggerate and say that their wardrobe is all black and white. No -- mine is LITERALLY all black, white, and gray. It works because for someone who hates dressing herself, IT ALL MATCHES. 

I went to the mall and everything screamed PASTEL! PINK! LAVENDER! and I finally decided on a ruffled dress and teamed it with black tights and a pair of the most awesome Mad Max from Thunderdome rock boots I could find. 

Picture 15.png.Picture a.png

(That's Momversation Rob photobombing me in the background on the right.)

We discussed this episode and to the four people who wrote me saying that I was paranoid and that I was passing insane amounts of baggage onto my children who would likely grow up to lose all their teeth to meth and claim UFO abduction someday because of my paranoia: Wendy agreed with me. So did a lot of other women. 

It was a whirlwind trip and it rained the entire time, hard, which made it impossible for me to break out the Nikon and take some decent shots of the city. Another time. 

Before I went to bed on Sunday I turned off all the lights and curled up in the gigantic window and stared out over the city. Directly across from me was another hotel and while I saw people milling about their rooms, I think I was the only one taking in giant gulps of the view. It seemed easier to take in the city from up there, up from where the buildings are so tall they seem to close over you like hands clasping together. I liked how the rain and fog made it look like Gotham:

View from my hotel. Looks like Gotham

Thanks to Wendy, Dan, Joelle, and the entire crew for their kindness and hospitality. Watch for my interview with Wendy on Momversation. 

Makeshift Gloves

Because I am the world's best mother, I have misplaced the boys' snow gloves. Mother Nature dumped about five inches on us last night and the boys, riddled with cabin fever, were desperate to go out. So I suited them up in the vein of The Christmas Story, each of them, Ewan especially, resembling Ralphie.

I made do with things around the house to create the best water-proof gloves for them: Glad Press and Seal, Ziploc bags, a lonely gardening glove and one of Chris's lined leather gloves. We have a habit of losing gloves at Team Loesch.

By the time I got Ewan's hands all wrapped up it his hands looked like feet, heels and all, and he was crying.

Foot hand! (Makeshift gloves)

"I'm positive that Mythbusters did a show on this," chirped Liam. It's his favorite show.

"I have foot hands," Ewan sniffled.

"But I can't grab anytang."

"I can't GRAB ANYTANG!" Ewan cried.

"Hey Mom!" Liam laughed, "is this a craft? Like that time you tried to paint?"

"Do you want to go outside or not?"

Silence. Except for Ewan sniffling over his clubbed-foot-hands.

"Mom," says Liam, "What would Mythbusters do?"

Finally realizing that what I was doing wasn't working, I lightened his load and used only the press-and-seal and two socks.

And then let them loose ...

Mom's makeshift gloves SUCK.


Pudge. The rest of him is in there somewhere.

The rest of him is in there somewhere. Mean little brothers:

Mean little brothers
More snow!!!

Oooh! Snowball!

Ooh! Snowball!

Poor Pudge's feet-hands make it hard for him to pick it up.

... but I can't pick it up. Poor Pudge.

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