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I've been doing a small bit of pre-k work with Ewan this week. He's only three-years-old and won't turn four until November, making it two years until he actually starts kindergarten, but he's been anxious to do work on his own. He sits by Liam whenever Liam does his lessons and absorbs everything by osmosis.

Instead of just trying to distract him with coloring books, Play-Doh, and animal crackers when Liam works, I thought I would chance it early and see if he was interested in the leftover pre-k curriculum I used with Liam. Turns out he was, and for the past two months he's learned to count nearly to one hundred, he knows some of Liam's Spanish vocabulary, and he can read a few very simple words due to some phonics practice. It's funny because to kids this age schoolwork isn't work at all; rather it's a privilege of adulthood to be able to write in workbooks, get new pencils, and look at flashcards. One of my goals with teaching them at home is to make permanent their innocent approach to learning.

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