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A second before he threw that at Ewan's head Comforting Ewan after that last shot
As it's our first big snow of the year, we've (and by WE I mean THEY; I hate snow, cold, and wet) been outside for most of the past two days. Liam is a kind child but when he has a snowball in his hands he grows a set of horns, evidenced above. (He's telling his baby brother sorry in that second one.)


I look at Liam and think my word, he looks so much like his father. Had I not gone through a 13-hour labor, I'd believe that Chris underwent a quasi-mitosis while I was asleep and voila! A son!

The other day Liam played bingo in his Spanish class and he saw that his friend Emma was valiantly trying to hide her tears brought on by not winning a single game. He was apparently one piece away from winning but he walked over to her and quietly offered her one of his game pieces anyway and told her that it was okay, here, he hopes she wins this next round. He had no idea that his teachers were watching him with tears in their eyes; one of them stole away to tell me what he did as I sat with other moms watching our younger children play.

Stories like that are what stop me from tearing my hair out during the times he sasses me, balks at doing his history homework, or says that he likes that Green Day song on the radio, can I please turn it up?

I'm learning that parenting isn't about immediate results, it's about planting the seeds and watching what develops over time, especially those times when they're not under your supervision. Instead of water, patience and nurture help those seeds to grow and achieving the right balance is the ultimate trial of parenthood. Everyday I say a prayer and cross my finders that I'm up to it.     

Sweet sound of silence


Today I'm attending to my inbox (I have over 300 recent, unread messages), a few deadlines, and my boys. We're doing today's lessons from a nest of quilts in the living room floor. I need the quiet.

*Back on Monday.

The only cure is more Poladroid

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Red light church

I haven't been sleeping well lately because I cannot stop the hamster wheel that is my brain from revolving inside my skull. We have a lot going on at the moment which is stressful and when I'm stressed my brain kicks into overdrive and devises various ways for remedying that stress. Thus, the hamster. Of all things. Moving on.  

I love old Polaroids. The memories of my youth are fuzzy and oddly colorized, just like the Polaroids that my grandma had in her photo album. Sometimes I want to climb into those photos. There's something about that instant development, how it freezes the "now" while you're still in it. Now that they're no longer making the (expensive) film, Polaroid's days are numbered. Almost. A new software called Poladroid allows you to take existing photos, drag them over to the Poladroid camera icon, and essentially create Polaroids of your own. FOR FREE. I am addicted, as you've probably noticed in the past few days. The software was Mac-only at first and I waited patiently for the PC version and [cue sopranos!] it arrived a week ago. The downside is that Poladroids are spreading all over the internet which might take away some of the specialness of the nostalgia a bit but I adore it so much I don't care. It even makes the coveted Polaroid click-whurr sound. Loves!

If you post Poladroids on your site do leave me a link in the comments? I'm nosy and want to see!

Back to the grind in 2009

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coloring piano

We're getting back into our daily lesson routine after a two week break. Ewan, at his request, started his kindergarten curriculum today. It's a giant game to him; he wants to see how many games he can play and worksheets he can complete in one sitting and I'm all "Dude, that's not the point."

I always feel slightly depressed right around New Year's, mostly because that which I left unresolved in the previous year nags at me. I felt less like that this year because 2008 was a totally heinous year punctuated with bits of goodness. I happily plunged into 2009. I'm not one of those people who makes resolutions (I've an ever-evolving list of things I'd like to accomplish. I just try to not get overwhelmed and do my best each day. Aw. How very NBC "The More You Know" of me) but I jotted down a few to break with tradition:

- Refuse to tolerate people who are intolerable.
- Realize that it's OK to be cynical sometimes.
- Make my Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark last until February.
- Be selective about those I let into my life.
- Be unashamed about watching Rock of Love: the Tranny-Clown Trainwreck Tour Edition.
- Make my kids fold and put away their own clothes no matter how awful they are at it.
- Resist the urge to go through their drawers while they are outside playing to refold everything they just put away.
- Use desire, not obligation, as motivation.
- Drink my first bottle of Ski.

Thank you to everyone who contributed positivity this year, be it via comments, emails, show calls, friendship, etc. xo

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