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You can't hear the boys in this

evening roses

For keeps

My roses for Liam's birthday

Eight years ago this month I went through a lot, well, you read it, to bring a certain someone into this world. Chris gives me flowers on their birthdays. My favorite color of flower: pale, almost white-pink, with a gradient of rosiness towards the middle.
My roses for Liam's birthday

They're the prettiest when they bloom.

Rainbow Brite arms

fetchings fetchings in action block my pale makeupless face

I figured that I since the temperatures in St. Louis are starting to slowly ease on up to oven-degrees, I should post these photos now while there's still a chill in the air. I knit these around Thanksgiving out of some sock yarn that I bought simply because I thought it looked pretty. I wear the crap out of these things when it's cold because I am always freezing and as I already have both black and gray pairs, I wanted something synonymous with Rainbow Brite because that girl had STYLE.

It's a simple ribbing and I forgot what yarn I used. I am so HELPFUL, I know. A few of you have emailed me in the past (and if I haven't responded it's because my Yahoo inbox REFUSES to sort things into folders anymore and I lose things instantly now, hello Gmail!) asking what pattern I used in this or that and I'm really flattered as I'm one of those people who have not progressed beyond knit and purl. I only get fancy with a book in front of me and as that defeats the purpose of why I do it (a way to relax) I rarely attempt anything that requires more than two brain cells.

Also, it may start looking quirky (er) around here as I prepare to have my hand held while a friend hammers my site into something that will better accommodate what it is I have planned. Happy weekending.

*Ok, this is quite possibly one of the most genius videos ever uploaded to Youtube, courtesy of Sonja:

(All Leslie Hall's videos are comedy AWESOME. Why is she not coming to St. Louis?)

I love this photo

Victory doughnuts

Yesterday I said I'd have more today, but I needed to take more time. The weather here is uncharacteristically beautiful for March and the sunshine is a salve to my soul. We've been outside for most of the day today with me coming in only periodically to check email.

I will be back with regularity on Monday. I'll have a nice announcement next week as well.

Hard at work

106_9915-pola.jpg More tomorrow.

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