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Accomplishing a Lot and Not Much

Yes, that's an iris in the background. They're insane.

A couple of days ago, when summer gave one last gasp and spiked the temperatures up to 70-degrees, the boys and I ran outside, our last chance to play in the leaves. 

I say play. I mean "let's play a game called let's rake the leaves into this garbage bag. Whoever fills their bag the fastest wins bigger piece of brownie."


Before the burrowed into the pile. Also, haircuts since then. They are not wearing hair bowls.

We all lost because we were too busy obliterating the piles after we raked them. 

But because I'm the Mom I cut us all each big brownie pieces anyway. And yea, it was so. 

Veterans' Day

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Still a couple of days away but on Saturday the boys, Chris, some friends, and I rode in the St. Louis Veterans' Parade and were able to personally thank so many of our men and women who've so bravely served our country. 



Junior ROTC

Ewan, me with Lt. Governor Peter Kinder
Ewan attacking my bag; with Lt. Governor Kinder.

Thanks to our friend Ed for getting this.

Full photo set.

One of My Favorite Faces on Earth

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The Mad-and-I'm-Not-Gonna-Smile smile

Obligatory Easter Clothes Pose


Best. Smile. Ever.



Fight Me I'm Irish


He is every bit the character you think he is. 

Scenes from Halloween

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Beautiful Halloween evening

A harried Halloween. It was a good weekend, even though we didn't get to carve pumpkins until, oh, late afternoon Halloween. 

When I was little I would spend Halloween at my Aunt Cayenne's house. My cousins would cover themselves and me with face paint, grab me by the hand, and take me out into the streets at night with all their friends while we begged for candy. There's a certain statement that goes along with store-bought costumes, but honestly, the do-it-yourselves are the best. My goal next year is to better prioritize and make that happen. 

"This is serious business, son"


Again with the not being still



Jango and Boba Fett


Quiet house while the kids hit the streets

And the house is quiet while the kids hit the streets. Photo set.

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