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Makeshift Gloves

Because I am the world's best mother, I have misplaced the boys' snow gloves. Mother Nature dumped about five inches on us last night and the boys, riddled with cabin fever, were desperate to go out. So I suited them up in the vein of The Christmas Story, each of them, Ewan especially, resembling Ralphie.

I made do with things around the house to create the best water-proof gloves for them: Glad Press and Seal, Ziploc bags, a lonely gardening glove and one of Chris's lined leather gloves. We have a habit of losing gloves at Team Loesch.

By the time I got Ewan's hands all wrapped up it his hands looked like feet, heels and all, and he was crying.

Foot hand! (Makeshift gloves)

"I'm positive that Mythbusters did a show on this," chirped Liam. It's his favorite show.

"I have foot hands," Ewan sniffled.

"But I can't grab anytang."

"I can't GRAB ANYTANG!" Ewan cried.

"Hey Mom!" Liam laughed, "is this a craft? Like that time you tried to paint?"

"Do you want to go outside or not?"

Silence. Except for Ewan sniffling over his clubbed-foot-hands.

"Mom," says Liam, "What would Mythbusters do?"

Finally realizing that what I was doing wasn't working, I lightened his load and used only the press-and-seal and two socks.

And then let them loose ...

Mom's makeshift gloves SUCK.


Pudge. The rest of him is in there somewhere.

The rest of him is in there somewhere. Mean little brothers:

Mean little brothers
More snow!!!

Oooh! Snowball!

Ooh! Snowball!

Poor Pudge's feet-hands make it hard for him to pick it up.

... but I can't pick it up. Poor Pudge.

What I did in Texas

Bullet form.

- Gave a presentation on some past political projects which I helped roll out.

- Ate the worst Greek salad ever.

- Sounded like Kathleen Turner whenever I spoke and tried not to cough on people.

- Got dramatically excited about this place:

When in Texas

- Where I did this:

When in Texas

- ... and got a boo boo on my knuckle because holy Moses I was not letting go.
- Looked up Southfork Ranch five times on Google Maps.

- Hummed this theme A LOT:

Both my mom and my grandma watched this, I never knew what was going on but I remember playing a jump rope game in elementary school called "J.R. Got Shot."

- Flew back home while enjoying great conversation with some brave men and women in uniform.
- Met some great Texans involved with politics on a state level.

- Talked to an atheist Randian.

- Listened to a brilliant tea party Democrat economist.

- Mentioned to Chris three times that the bars of soap in the bathroom were shaped like leaves.

 - Played a game of Count the Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers in the Airport. (In Chicago. Not in Memphis.)

- Missed my boys terribly.

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