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The other evening Chris, myself, our film friend, and his friend saw an advance screening of "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull" and were shown to our seats by a woman who - I kid you not - looked the spit and image of Kim Cattrall. Like, Cattrall from her "Mannequin" days. Chris can barely separate Cattrall from her character on "Sex and the City" and thinks she's a skanky hag. So I was confronted with this awful dilemma: do I compliment the PR lady who EVERYONE thought looked like Cattrall (she's probably heard it before) or worse, if I do, what if she also thinks that Cattrall is a skanky hag and interprets it as an insult? So we all just stared at her instead and made incessant remarks about how my gawd, she is really pretty and looks like she just walked off the show's set. (We also sat behind a herd of Rams players. I have never seen bigger men in my entire life.)

Since I've gotten completely off-road with that, I've a review of the movie up over at Mamapop, for whom I'll occasionally be writing.

Yacht Rock

Thanks to those of you who contribute your 2c in the last post. We haz opinions! LET US SHOW YOU THEM. I never begrudge a civil disagreement because it gives us something to talk about other than how we have to wait an entire summer for the next "Rock of Love" installment. Disagreement? C'est la vie. It's more fun to party. Which brings me to the topic of smooth.

I have wasted over an hour of my time watching the "Yacht Rock" episodes on Youtube. The series is the fictitious backstory based upon the music of Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, Hall & Oates, the Doobie Brothers, and other artists whose smooth music defined a genre. It's lampooned hysterically in this series; Chris busted in the house one evening with his giant iMac and was all "WATCHTHISOMG."

It's a good series if you like music + comedy, though please note, parts are so NSFW. If you can't start from the beginning at least start with this episode. It grows on you. I swear. Before I understood the aesthetic I was all what the ...? Episode #9 is about the interesting production-marriage of Ted Templeman and The Halen and it's my absolute favorite. Turn up the smooth!


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