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In seven years' time

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Seven years ago this morning I alternated between watching the horror unfolding on my television and staring at a then-baby Liam jumping in his bouncy seat. He was smiling, laughing, oblivious. The contrast was terrifying. I had to hold him, as though my skinny arms could protect him from the wretchedness in New York and D.C. and the violation that had permeated our society.


While Al Qaeda may have acted thousands of miles away, they were in my country and to me, they might as well have been in my living room. I was scared before I was enraged. That anger has not dulled with time and while people sometimes get grief for taking more than an average interest in politics I'll tell you this: I don't know how a person can exist and not be somewhat engaged - no, I don't know how a person can be a mother, a parent, and not be involved simply as a safeguard for their children's future. Parenthood is political.


To that effect, I don't believe in apathy as a means to political correctness. I won't consider tolerance as a way to placate terrorism. Tolerance can be surrender.

I was going to post something else today about growing boys and the price to clothe them, but I cannot and will not ignore what happened to change this country, this world seven years ago today. Politics aside, it's important to remember today.


Where were you seven years ago this morning?

*Update: You should read this whole comment below. Derek writes:

"I would be in the Middle East not two weeks later and would work every day but 5 over the next year. I went to Afghanistan and since Sep 11th have seen and sat across from many al Qaeda terrorists. They have NO tolerance for the US and are the most hateful and hard people I have ever seen in my life. As long as our enemies wish harm and violence upon us, I'll keep working to stop them."

** Your comments are amazing. I'm going to be reading some of them on-air this Sunday evening. Thanks to those who have served/are serving. Just, wow.


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