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Because Halloween is a big deal in our household, a household with two parents who have retained much of their juvenile, goth/Tim Burton aesthetic, our children chose their costumes weeks ago (a ninja and grim reaper/policeman, don't ask). It didn't stop us from looking at the costumes while in Target some time ago, and all I can say is WTF Target children's costumes? Part of me wants to high-five Target for going above and beyond the call of milquetoast children's costume options, but the other half wonders how much weed they had in the boardroom when deciding on what to buy this year:


Oh yes, the HOG SLAYER. Wouldn't an actual hog be required to complete this costume? WTF? Not dragon slayer, no, hog slayer.

Pirate slut A and B:

Um, OMG?

Pirate slut, take 2

I'm really glad there was a variety representative of the may different types of pirate slut. The "glam pirate" isn't bad but seriously, GLAM pirate? Isn't that an oxymoron? Pirates didn't have perfect pigtails, they didn't have sequins on their boots. I take issue with the historical accuracy of this costume.

This was the best store-bought costume I've ever seen in my life and I begged Liam to pick it but he was determined to break my heart because he wasn't having any of it:

Best kids costume EVER, the end

Kudos to this model for trying (and failing) to bring some Johnny Depp spirit to this adult's costume:

This guy thinks he looks hot

God bless Target for their costume descriptions. It's some of the best reading ever:


Liam is dressing as a ninja today and Ewan, who has been dressing as a grim reaper (pictured below) on his own for the past month, is torn between continuing this obsession, or wearing the policeman costume that his Nana bought him.

Ewan, the Harvester of Souls

Either way, he says, he's bringing his sickle.

Have a happy and safe Halloween.

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