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What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

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We all have them, and in this episode of Momversation I ask the ladies to share theirs. I'll let it speak for itself. I also may or may not rap/sing/gawdi'msowhite Emenim in this video as an unintentionally frightening serenade to Giyen.

I showed you my can of Stag, you can at least tell me in the comments that you read like, People mag or something. What's your guilty pleasure? Do you listen to Nickelback? Watch "The Hills?" I'm all open and vulnerable here!
I usually possess more grace when dealing with trolls of the radio variety but this morning I did not when I reacted to a man, one of the most disrespectful callers I've come across thus far, who behaved like a sexist, calling me "woman" in the same tone that someone uses an expletive, and saying "you're a woman, you're unintelligent." I'll spare you my what-equality-sexism-is-alive-and-well lecture but just know that everyone has their sticking point and this is mine.

I handle these sorts of things, usually, with a grace that sometimes takes a Herculean effort, but nonetheless this was, what I consider, my very first strike. My inbox is filling up with women (and men) who say otherwise and who are pumping their fist in their air via the written word and I appreciate that. Unfortunately, it doesn't help me to feel better (*update. I lied. It it a bit, thank you) because I allowed another person to determine the length of my fuse. I don't want how I react - even if provoked - to conflict with who I am. Balancing who you are with the urge to verbally decimate someone is a trick; not a parlor trick, but some serious David Copperfield stuff. I don't ever want to become that which I abhor just because some sexist baited me into it and I took it because I wanted to show him what-for.

Anyway, I had to get this off my chest because it's bothered me all morning and I wanted to apologize to anyone who may have been taken aback as well as to those who weren't.


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