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Sharp Dressed Man

Blues Brothers

Sometime over the past year Ewan has developed an affinity for the Blues Brothers ensemble. He's always had a thing for hats; now, if I'd let him, he'd wear, play, and sleep in his little hand-me-down suits and ties. (His Grim Reaper phase passed sometime last year.)

Blues Brothers at the movies

He's got a pin in that hat. It's a child's hat that I found in a vintage store somewhere in Missouri wine country. I saw it and it said "EWAN." He's way cooler than I ever was at his age ... or even as a teenager, sadly. 

Cue ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man"

"It's the best hat ever," He said after I brought it home and presented it to him. "Thank you for seeing it and getting it for me mama," he said in his adorable chipmunk voice. Then he scampered off to the bathroom to climb atop the toilet and stare in the mirror at himself wearing his new hat. 
My latest for Momversation concerns being the mother of boys and the point at which your sons stop going with you into the ladies' bathroom and start going into the men's room. On their own. It's a scary prospect when you think of stories like this one. I'm not as concerned about Liam or Ewan forgetting to wash their hands (yes, ew, gross) as I am about them using a restroom alone and being in the same proximity as a child predator. 

By the way, for those who are considering using this as an anti-man thing in a fiery little email to me later, as a mother you AUTOMATICALLY look at every stranger as a possible predator. It's a driving instinct to protect your child; in the women's room with me there is no chance that they could be prey. In a men's room, alone, they certainly could be and it's happened to children before. 

Every now and then Liam will use the men's room solo (when we're not with Chris) but I'm always right outside the door. I continue to take them into the women's restroom but Liam is beginning to reject that altogether. I don't do "family restrooms" because once at the Y we tried the family restroom and it was all BOOBS AND BUTTS! BOOBS AND BUTTS! everywhere and just OMG no. It's a sweet gesture from whomever invented the idea but it doesn't work for tightly-wound people like myself. 

Anyway, here is our discussion on it. Am I being paranoid? Do I just hate men? What do you do with your boys? And if you're a dad and you have a daughter, GEEZ, you're in a worse position - how do you deal? For now you can comment on the Momversation site; I'll be opening up comments again when I return. 


Sunday was Liam's 9th birthday. Nine. Almost a decade. In ten years he'll be nineteen. The downside of having children at a relatively young age is that even if you are younger that most of their friends' parents, it doesn't matter. It's almost unfair.

His birthday fell on a very discomforting day, with the passage of an unpopular bill that will do some unflattering things to small businesses like Chris's, a silly bill that ties health insurance to employment instead of empowering the people and giving it as a tax credit to the people so that they can get the best price for themselves on an open, competitive market. I mean hail, how much do you think toilet paper would cost (to say nothing of the quality) if there was only Government Brand X toilet paper as opposed to having Charmin, Angel Soft, and whatever else compete for the best quality and lowest price?

It's a ridiculous analogy and you get it and I don't mean to blow politics up your butt, but if you want more you can go here.


More importantly, my baby. He opens doors for ladies regularly and is big enough to do it. He opens my car door for me. I want a thank you note from his future wife because whoever she is, YOU SO OWE ME. Liam is an unbelievable gentleman.

We went into the Sprint store the other day to have battery pads put into my Pre. While there, one of the employees recognized us from our previous visit only a month ago to pick up car chargers and recounted for us a story about what Liam did the last time we were there:

The last time we were there, there also was another customer, a man in uniform, a soldier, fresh off a tour in Afghanistan, along with his mother. He was there upgrading his service. Liam, without any prompting from anyone, walked over to him, saluted him, and thanked him for his service. The man's mother began to cry and thanked him. The soldier saluted back and Liam wandered back to where Chris and I were, standing at the service counter talking to the Sprint reps, totally oblivious to what just happened. Liam didn't tell us but every single employee and all the other customers in that store saw him do it.

We heard about it during the last visit. I cannot tell you how it swells my heart with love and pride for a boy to do something like that, and not think it so out of the ordinary that he has to tell his parents. It's a blessing to hear about your child's good behavior and manners from someone else. You know that what you're doing is sticking and that they're of strong enough character to do it without you being around or without accolades .

That's his character. I don't know what I did right (isn't parenthood such trial and error?) but that gives me both a bit more confidence in my ability as a mother and a lot of thankfulness for such a soft-hearted soul that is my son.

Happy birthday Liam.

Yes, I do Wear That Apron

Because someone asked on Facebook.

Some time ago we shot a commercial for HP for their premiere printer that does a lot of things and is easy enough for kids to use. That it is black and shiny also appeals to my materialistic aspect, but that's beside the point.

I don't really want to tell you that I was making mac and cheese because it appears in the video that I may be doing something way more awesome, like simmering some hard-to-make sauce. All the artwork on the wall was done by Liam, some of it is prize-winning. /mombrag

(Ugh, my hair.)

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