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Liam is sitting in the chair reading "Love You Forever" to Ewan. The only reason he grabbed this book is because there was a picture of a toilet on it.

Ewan thinks that anything with a toilet on it is hysteeeeerical. Liam is happy to oblige.

He rushes through the "I love you forever" parts because "I'm just not reading that," he says. They get to the part that has always creeped me out: the little old lady mama shimmies up the side of the house, climbs in through the window, and rocks her full-grown adult man son. I always thought that I would somehow empathize with this woman; yes, my boys will always be my babies but if I'm shimmying up the sides of their houses at night to rock them to sleep, that's like, some Hitchcock business. 

Anyway, Liam gets to that part and he pauses. There isn't any laughter like there was in the previous pages. 

"Isn't that sweet?" I tease.

"No, it's weird," Liam replies, rolling his eyes with a generous helping of attitude. "I love you mama, but if you climbed up the wall of my house I'd have to shake the broom at you like we do the squirrels."

From our weekend

I want these rose bushes

country road



Picking pears off Great Gran's tree
Picking pears off Great-Gran's tree

bye sun




Boba and Jango Fett

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