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Sharp Dressed Man

Blues Brothers

Sometime over the past year Ewan has developed an affinity for the Blues Brothers ensemble. He's always had a thing for hats; now, if I'd let him, he'd wear, play, and sleep in his little hand-me-down suits and ties. (His Grim Reaper phase passed sometime last year.)

Blues Brothers at the movies

He's got a pin in that hat. It's a child's hat that I found in a vintage store somewhere in Missouri wine country. I saw it and it said "EWAN." He's way cooler than I ever was at his age ... or even as a teenager, sadly. 

Cue ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man"

"It's the best hat ever," He said after I brought it home and presented it to him. "Thank you for seeing it and getting it for me mama," he said in his adorable chipmunk voice. Then he scampered off to the bathroom to climb atop the toilet and stare in the mirror at himself wearing his new hat.

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