Trebuchet toss: July 2008 Archives

Alternately titled: Trebuchet toss for July '08. According to my records the last time I flung anything was back in April. It seems to go against my slight curmudgeonly nature to go for two months without a complaint. My day began with Ewan kicking Liam in the face while I was in the shower; Liam's nose gushed blood all over the playroom and their bathroom as he freaked out about it and turned our house into a Rob Zombie movie. Also, I'm writing this at 10:30 in the morning and I have not had any coffee or had a chance to brew any tea. Positive is nice, but sometimes you wake up with your mood shaped like the most offensive of fingers.

To fling:

- Bras. I am between sizes which is testing my sanity. The straps are sawing my shoulders off, I don't want spillage or looseness, I want a goofy freaking bra to goofy freaking work. I shouldn't have to pay a frillion dollars for it or drive a frillion miles to get one. 

- Calliou. I don't advocate violence, but I want to slap that brat. Every time he whines a part of my soul dies so I banned his show from my house.

- People who don't understand that a self-employed family who homeschools doesn't have the time to get around as easy as someone who doesn't work or someone who works one job and their biggest stress is what to make for dinner. I don't have a nanny. I don't even have a babysitter. I don't have a house cleaner. I don't have patience for people who make demands upon my time without taking into account all that I am responsible for.

- The chick who saw me and my best girl Kat using our phones at the bar and was all "Who comes to a bar to text?" ME. Hi! I do! Especially when I'm trying to direct out-of-town guests to meet us.

- The people who disagreed with Tracey for her public comment - disagreement is fine - but went on to say things about her that were fifty frillion times worse than what was originally said. Double standards rock! All this while they shouted "for the sake of community!" Irony defined. Why can't we all think differently and still get along? Why are we so afraid of unabashed opinion? If that's the case, why are you on the internet?

- The Jezebel girls. They gave an interview wherein they showed up blitzed, spoke like valley girls, and entertained the crowd with what they apparently thought were envious tales of one night stands (their interview was basically like spending an evening at a dive karaoke bar in South County). They advocated irresponsibility. But seriously - did you expect anything more cerebral from the duo - one half of which writes a column called "Slut Machine?"

- The belief that somehow the internet hampers the scope of intellectual property law. It does not. Kudos to those who look further, who aren't tempted by the false title of Google Expert, people who take the time to actually learn IP. Kudos also goes to those who respect IP rights.

- The airline industry. My awards ceremony is on the 17th, meaning it looks like I'm going to miss the pre-conference cocktails, and I'm having extreme difficulty finding an evening flight out to San Francisco for Blogher.

Not to fling:

- Guy Kawasaki, for creating the forthcoming homeschooling category on Alltop. I'm über stoked as it will be a valuable resource for homeschoolers. That being said, if you homeschool, feel free to leave links to your favorite websites in the comments and I'll forward them to Guy.

- Tazo green tea with mint. Hands down the best green tea on the market, do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars.

Heather B. for being my hot date at a corporate party at Blogher that Friday night. She wooed me and even promised to wear cute new shoes.

- Ewan, for constantly wearing his Thomas the Train engineer hat to play, to sleep, and in the bath. He has this thing for hats (he is most fond of fedoras) and I'm convinced that he's going to grow up to live in the Keys, wear houndstooth-printed pants, and smoke cigars.

- The Bloggers' Guild. I am truly amazed at what we're accomplishing and am thrilled to be in the presence of such talented folk.

The rules stay the same: list the good with the bad!

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