Trebuchet toss: June 2009 Archives

To toss this month:

- People who do nothing, contribute nothing, offer nothing, yet have the audacity to complain about progress and/or results.

- People who tell me what I can and cannot write about on my own personal website.

- Having to work as much as I do just to keep my head above water because of what is happening to this economy.

- People who only act like family on holidays or whenever presents are involved.

- The obsession with Michael Jackson. Sure, he was a great songwriter and performer but he also molested young boys so as the mother of sons forgive me if I'm not blaring "Thriller" or crying over the memorial video marathon on the cable stations. I'm mourning for the innocence of those kids.

- Sam's not having lemons yesterday.

- The guilty feeling I got upon finding Liam's Nintendo DS, apparently put away atop a bookshelf weeks ago as punishment, after scolding him for losing it.

- High-maintenance people.

- Not having the money or the time to take a vacation. 

- Silence when there's too much to think about.

- The work that goes into making your kids' childhood idyllic.

- Those who sell synthetic faith.

Things I would not toss:

- The faith my kids have in me.

- The faith I have in myself, when I have it.

- The support of family, friends, and people who read and/or listen.

- When the heat recedes a bit, dips into the 80s, and is joined by a good breeze.

- My hammock.

- Convincing my kids to nap with me in said hammock.

- Watching Ewan get upset because the earthworms he caught are always trying to run away from him, he says.

- Zia's on the Hill who recently treated me to a fantastic chicken spedini meal. I went by myself after a radio appearance for Party at Berra Park at the owners' invitation. I sat by myself in the corner of the room, stuffed my face, and caught up on my email.(Thanks Mike and Kory!)

- My Palm Pre.

- The release I feel after a good venting.

What's aggravating you or lifting you up today?

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