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An Open Letter to AT&T

Do you ever find yourself dealing with a company so slimy and incompetent that you feel the need to wash your hands even after waiting on hold with them for 15 minutes? Because THAT'S HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW ABOUT THIS COMPANY.

Flash back in time, back in March, when we ended our service with AT&T Uverse to go with another company. AT&T didn't want to let go. We had our billing set up automatically and we never expected that a company like AT&T would LOOT OUR BANK ACCOUNT like a bunch of (screw it, I'm completely over offending people at this point so pick your poison:)

1) hillbillies at a Bass Pro Shop free-for-all*
2) spray-tanned skanks at a Victoria's Secret buy-one-get-one panty sale*
3) idiot poseur anarchists at a G8 protest

After a tantrum on Twitter, because waiting on their help line for days on end only to get disconnected wasn't helping, we finally got them to refund the hundreds and hundreds of dollars they stole took from our account. We had to cite fraud with our bank and change all of our information which was a hassle but hey - whatever it took to get the message across to AT&T that they have to stop taking money from former customer's bank accounts without permission because, I'm not sure in what reality AT&T resides, but in my reality, in the reality of most of the mammals here on planet Earth, that is called "stealing."

That was last month. The story should have stopped there and we could say the end, goodnight, but this is AT&T, the story NEVER STOPS. 

So Friday evening when checking the mail I noticed that those DELIGHTFUL LITTLE BUGGERS at AT&T sent us a bill. They couldn't loot our bank account so this time they sent us a bill of over $600 for new phantom services. 


I called them on Saturday. "The office is closed" said the little recorded man.
He said it again on Sunday too, even though people told me on Twitter that no, HAHAHA, they're open. They just don't want to talk about why they keep trying to loot money from you.

Finally, after a long day with the kids and work, I called them in the 4pm hour. They were open! I was on hold for 15 minutes when a woman finally answered. 

"I'm going to need a supervisor or manager because my problem is major," I said and she replied: "CLICK. DIAL TONE."



So I called back. 

"Our offices are now closed," said the little recorded voice man. 


"What's that? I'm sorry, I'm having difficulty understanding."

And then I hung up. 

I regret ever going with AT&T UVerse because AT&T has always been a nightmare with which to deal - and I've dealt with insurance companies, one who once told me that they couldn't cover the birth of my child because my child wasn't enrolled at the time of service. Yes. AT&T is worse to deal with than that. Take my experience as a warning and run like all hades is after you in the opposite direction.

Hopefully I'll have this settled, for the fourth time, tomorrow. 

[*: No, I do not think that only hillbillies/skanks shop at Bass Pro Shop/Victoria's Secret, unclench, laugh, exhale. Yes, I do think that all poseur anarchists are idiots, that's why there's no asterisk by it.]

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