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Hair Update!

I haven't meant to be neglectful - finishing a massive project that I have to send off plus work plus two very energetic children. 

I got a lot of email from ladies very interested in seeing what exactly my hair would look like after a couple of weeks of washing, drying, and styling. Ta-da:


My latest with Momversation: Nature vs Nurture

I'm just going to say now that Ewan came from the womb with my EXACT personality. It was shocking. I once called him my little George Carlin, minus the smoking and excessive profanity. My mother replied: "Just like you at his age." 


The Jillian Michaels Thing


First, my response at Momversation:

A few things.

First, we cannot have a discussion about judgment wherein people apply judgment as the basis of their response. "Nutjob?" Seriously?

More importantly, when I taped my question, it was around five minutes long, the length of an entire Momversation episode. I began with explaining how two of my girlfriends, who are adoptive mothers due to fertility issues, were unhappy that someone to whom they looked up would sort of view pregnancy as a negative, an experience they would give limbs to experience. That was edited out but my remark about pregnancy remained.

Pregnancy is part of motherhood as well, and for many women, the first step.

I also remarked that is it really in the best interest of a child to seemingly discourage adoption?

I can argue this issue either way and quite honestly, I don't give a crap what Jillian Michaels thinks. I could care less. I don't read women's fitness magazines, I wouldn't know or care who this woman was if I fell over her in my living room, but it is an interesting topic and I found it interesting based upon my girlfriends' reactions. I was posing a question and in an attempt to prove how bad judgment is, some selflessly chose to demonstrate it.

But, who could blame them? Seriously? I was careful with my response in this and the way I came across was exactly what I wanted to avoid.

However. My point about when choosing to become a parent, or even after becoming a parent, it should be about your child, not what you look like, I still hold to that. Now that, if you choose to do so, can be judged and disassembled.

Thanks for the responses. :)
This is when I wish we could see the full videos so you get the full sentiment.

I don't think it's a pro-choice issue, I think it's an issue of becoming a parent and your first thought is about self, not about your kid. If that's judgmental, then so be it, but I hate that we live in an era where if things sound the least bit off we are prohibited, by the chain of political correctness, by venturing further and saying such.

I get that some women have neuroses about body image - but to the point where it dictates how you create your family? Doesn't it seem enabling to not say "what's the big deal?" The whole point is that I can argue this both ways and I was posing a question but only one side was used.

I'll return to this space shortly but a radio show awaits.  

New York and Wendy Williams

Me and Wendy

Sunday I flew to New York to appear on Wendy Williams' show for Momversation. Wendy, if you didn't know, was one of the first women to master and dominate radio, a pioneer for our sex in what is still predominately a man's industry, and was inducted into the radio Hall of Fame last November. 

Now she has a hit show and she and her staff welcomed me on and were as every bit kind and gracious as you can imagine. It was a blast. 

I also started the show and introduced Wendy but I'll have to yank that off the DVR and post separately because it's not online. I'm wearing PINK. One of Wendy's producers, Joelle, told me over the phone to wear something "fun and colorful." I looked at my closet and laughed out loud. Some people exaggerate and say that their wardrobe is all black and white. No -- mine is LITERALLY all black, white, and gray. It works because for someone who hates dressing herself, IT ALL MATCHES. 

I went to the mall and everything screamed PASTEL! PINK! LAVENDER! and I finally decided on a ruffled dress and teamed it with black tights and a pair of the most awesome Mad Max from Thunderdome rock boots I could find. 

Picture 15.png.Picture a.png

(That's Momversation Rob photobombing me in the background on the right.)

We discussed this episode and to the four people who wrote me saying that I was paranoid and that I was passing insane amounts of baggage onto my children who would likely grow up to lose all their teeth to meth and claim UFO abduction someday because of my paranoia: Wendy agreed with me. So did a lot of other women. 

It was a whirlwind trip and it rained the entire time, hard, which made it impossible for me to break out the Nikon and take some decent shots of the city. Another time. 

Before I went to bed on Sunday I turned off all the lights and curled up in the gigantic window and stared out over the city. Directly across from me was another hotel and while I saw people milling about their rooms, I think I was the only one taking in giant gulps of the view. It seemed easier to take in the city from up there, up from where the buildings are so tall they seem to close over you like hands clasping together. I liked how the rain and fog made it look like Gotham:

View from my hotel. Looks like Gotham

Thanks to Wendy, Dan, Joelle, and the entire crew for their kindness and hospitality. Watch for my interview with Wendy on Momversation.

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