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And I have a towel on my head! Fun!

On Wednesday the video will be posted in full and you can see every step. 

Yeay to uploading a video for thousands of people to see and shaking my head upside down like Tawney Kitaen! 

Products I use:

You can see the full steps I use to style my hair tomorrow. 

Is your kid a video game addict?

I adore Penn and Teller's TOTALLY NSFW episode that they did on their show, "BS," about this exact subject. They put a semi-automatic in the hands of a 9-year-old gamer to test the theory that kids who play first-person shooter games will become homicidal maniacs and you know what happened? The kid cried. Any dillweed who asserts shooting games will turn kids into gun-crazed murderers has never EVER shot a firearm and needs to seriously stop before I lost all patience and slap them. See - THAT'S what makes people violent: stupidity. But the focus isn't on such games and I'm totally digressing. 

For the record, I won't allow my kids to play games like Grand Theft Auto because I don't like to glorify stealing cars. I also don't get the "fun" in that, either. Really? AUTO THEFT? I get shooting games where kids role play with soldiers and you're protecting America and innocent people, blahblahblahblah but I've already told Liam that if he brings any pimpin' and ho'ing or auto theft game into my home I will record myself destroying it on camera and then share it with the Internet. If there isn't a redeemable quality about the game then I'm not having it. 

Please to enjoy this episode and relatedly, I like to think that Rob put in the metal music bed just for me. 

What do you think of kids and video games? I'm going to briefly open comments (until the evening) to get your thoughts. No butthats, please and thanks. 

* My latest for Momversation: Is your child afraid to go to the dentist? The WHRRRRR sound of the polisher reminds me of a chainsaw and I get "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" visions in my head whenever I hear it. Ewan has this fear times eleventy

* I'm going to be leaving the country for a short bit on a documentary-slash-mission trip to help children. More on that soon. 

* A nice but maybe not-quite-deft woman asked Liam the other day if he wanted to go to "a real school." He replied, "My school isn't pretend." (I mentally high-fived myself after that.)

* Ewan learned that super glue doesn't fix old stickers. Totally not the end result he wanted. 

* My mom's birthday is tomorrow. Happy birthday, Nana. 

Oh my heavens. Oh yes, it's THIS TOPIC. I feel like I'm cutting one of a million apron strings simply by engaging in the discussion.

Remember the clear, plastic phones with the neon-colored guts? And the ridiculously long phone cords that provided a trail to your parents when they wanted to aggravate you to get off the phone? I used to keep my parents' big white cordless phone under my bed so they could never ever use it. The thing was, the phone was always tethered to something, be it by a cord to a wall, the connection to the cordless' base, something always kept you in the house and around parental supervision with The Phones of Yore. 

Relatedly, Liam saw a phone with a cord on it once and was all "WHAT is that?"


Giyen and Mindy make me feel so much better in this episode. Don't even get me started on puberty. All I'll say is that someone in this house has started to really notice girls. And that girls have boobs. And that the combination of the two is pretty cool. The end.

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