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A Little Commercial We Did

A production crew came to our house a few weeks ago and we shot a commercial based around HP's new printer, which is powered by magic. It was fun and we only almost knocked down the lighting rigs once or twice. The machine copies, prints, gets on the innernets, and probably folds fitted sheets, because why not? It does everything else. 

(My hair apologizes. I think a curly tendril tried to hog the camera once or twice.)


Because of the big government, positively stupid 1984 FTC ridiculousness against already-transparent bloggers: "This video episode was sponsored and underwritten by The Hewlett-Packard Company (HP). The talent and video bloggers appearing in this video episode received cash compensation and/or in-kind remuneration in exchange for the services rendered on and off camera, directly or indirectly from HP and/or Digital Entertainment Corporation of America (DECA), the producer of the video episode. The views and statements of the talent and video bloggers appearing in this video episode were made independently and without influence from either HP or DECA."

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