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Yes, I do Wear That Apron

Because someone asked on Facebook.

Some time ago we shot a commercial for HP for their premiere printer that does a lot of things and is easy enough for kids to use. That it is black and shiny also appeals to my materialistic aspect, but that's beside the point.

I don't really want to tell you that I was making mac and cheese because it appears in the video that I may be doing something way more awesome, like simmering some hard-to-make sauce. All the artwork on the wall was done by Liam, some of it is prize-winning. /mombrag

(Ugh, my hair.) 

The R Word

The latest over at Momversation, inspired by the trifecta of Rahm Emmanuel, Sarah Palin, and Rush Limbaugh:

My whole thing is this: I don't like assigning value to inanimate objects. Words, guns, asparagus, whatever. It gives the person a free pass on responsibility and intent. Motives, actions, not the tools is where the scrutiny lies. Also, I hate political correctness. In an edited-out portion of what I recorded, I mentioned that the word "retard" was never intended to be used as a pejorative and how people should take back such words with benign beginnings instead of allowing cruel people to use them against others; rather than give up the right to use those words as they way in which the word was intended. Doing so sends a message to the community and it sends a message to those who would bully any community.

What I dislike even more than political correctness, though, is intentionally hurting someone else.

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