Wife/mother/woman crap: October 2009 Archives

The full step-by-step regimen I undertake to fix my naturally curly hair is below. When I was younger I would blow-dry my hair every morning and try to straighten it with a big, round brush. The effect was not unlike having my own, organic Darth Vader helmet attached to my head. Kids made fun of me and my hair was totally immobile. The upside was during the mid 90s when I was in junior high, the sunset of the Big Hair era? My bangs were the BIGGEST, LOUDEST bangs ever beheld. They were so big that the school photographer had to actually crop them out of the frame in my pictures. I may not have had any boobs or a figure whatsoever when I was in junior high but I made up for it with huge hair. 

That's why we're announcing the Momversation Style Me Makeover. Just tell us below why you deserve a makeover and attach a "before" picture of yourself. The ladies of Momversation will review all the entries and pick the best one. The winner will receive a $1500 Target Gift Card to buy fall fashions and make-up. Enter by October 16.

The winner will be announced on October 28th, which also happens to be my 9th wedding anniversary. FTW!


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