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Turkeys gone wild

I am so aggravated with my POS Dell at the moment that I need to take the rest of the day and relax. Email is piling up and I have no intention of going through it until at least tonight. In the meantime:

1. I'm discussing my favorite television show, David Lynch's "Twin Peaks," over at Mamapop. Go forth and check it out.

2. If you're free this Saturday evening myself and some of my contemporaries are speaking over at the Midwest Media Conference. I propose a game wherein you have to do a shot of Wild Turkey every time Bill Streeter says "vlog." (Responsibly, of course!)

3. A few months ago photographer Jonathan Pollack wrote and asked if I was interested in doing a photography trade for a mention. I wasn't able to, but suggested Kim and her daughter instead and the results are beautiful. Take a moment to check out Jonathan's gallery (type KimandMaddy in the box at the bottom). Best of all, he's Photoshop-free, which speaks loads about his skill behind the lens. Thanks a bunch Jonathan, you rock!


This morning I emceed an event so far out west I didn't think that Mapquest would recognize the address. All this means is that I have completed my transformation into a City Driver, one who is loathe to drive outside of city limits and crosses the Missouri in white knuckle terror. I enjoyed a couple of blissful hours in my expensive black suit with my favorite t-shirt underneath, eating bacon amongst executives. Even though my backside gnawed on my pantyhose, I did not adjust myself in public, thankyouverymuch Mother. I stopped by the grocery store on the way home and the bagger mistook me for an office mother. I made a mental note to wear fancy clothes more often. And to get new pantyhose and burn the old ones.

I arrived home to find my children still in their pajamas with doughnut icing smeared across their faces; they ran to hug me and then went back to fighting over Wii games. I hung my suit back up into my closet, where it will stay for another however many months, and slipped into my track pants. I had my turn this morning; Chris is now gone to work and regular life resumes.

Scheming on a thing

This Saturday I'm meeting with some of the St. Louis internet for the first public meeting of the St. Louis Bloggers Guild. We'll be at Benton Park Cafe, owned by a friend of ours, and my saying that it has some of the best eats in the city isn't bias, it's truth. They're graciously putting the Guild up and serving as our home base-of-sorts. Many thanks to John and Jess.

Please join us if you can; we'll be there from 1 - 3 p.m. and are discussing our first big project. Click here for details and to RSVP.

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