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A programming note

I've said it earlier, I don't really get into politics too often here. However, if you've been following along on air or on my show's site then you're aware that I've been incredibly busy this past week working with the St. Louis Tea Party, which I announced on my radio show. Yesterday I had three interviews, two of which made the nightly news; this in addition to my regular deadlines and email, which has increased exponentially due to Friday's event. If you're interested in watching the news coverage of the Tea Party, including interviews with myself and Bill Hennessey, or would like to attend, and are not bothered by a conservative perspective, click here.

The family business

I'm sitting at the dining room table, staring at a globe, contemplating traipsing halfway across the world for a good cause. I'll be talking more about that later because my mind is on the fence.

In the meantime, let the boys take you on a mini-tour of Chris's massive studio, now open for business.
Vocal booth

They've recorded two artists already and the rooms book quickly. The studio has received a fair amount of press thus far (I'm really proud of them and the building is simply stunning and I wanted to show the fruit of years of hard work); Chris and his studio partner, Doug, made the local Alive Magazine's annual Buzz List this year. The magazine is throwing a swanky party this weekend which we're attending; unfortunately, as per usual, I haven't the slightest clue what to wear. Mercedes is loaning Chris one of its S class vehicles (?) to drive until Sunday and we're to drive it to the awards which is a relief because I was just planning on keeping it beyond real and showing up in a minivan that smells like stale McDonald's. The valets love it.

Front desk. And gumballs! Live room. Live room with window into main control room
One of the lounge areas, outside the main control room Chris's office
Main control room. No other studio in St. Louis can match it. Period.

This is our family business and despite appearances (and unkindly stereotypes) no, we are not rich. I buy Sam's cola. We don't take vacations. Click on any photo to enlarge and for captions. Click here for the entire set; click here to see the big gallery on their website.

Programming note

I'll be on Great Day St. Louis again today at 10 a.m. on KMOV Channel 4 to discuss this post, much to the delight of my mother. I (or Carol) will be reading a few of the comments you left on that one on air. I don't know whose comments they chose in advance.

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