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A short haiku

My camera. Let me show you it.

over at my blog
all about photography

resides a coupon

you can download it
ten dollars off a purchase
of twenty dollars

a new update too
also many more photos
i hope you enjoy.


I am recovering from yesterday.

My head aches but I feel content.

My voice is tired but my heart is glad that we live in a nation that accommodates all views from all people.

More to share later. Right now, as part of a new radio sponsorship, please to meet my third quasi-child.
I usually possess more grace when dealing with trolls of the radio variety but this morning I did not when I reacted to a man, one of the most disrespectful callers I've come across thus far, who behaved like a sexist, calling me "woman" in the same tone that someone uses an expletive, and saying "you're a woman, you're unintelligent." I'll spare you my what-equality-sexism-is-alive-and-well lecture but just know that everyone has their sticking point and this is mine.

I handle these sorts of things, usually, with a grace that sometimes takes a Herculean effort, but nonetheless this was, what I consider, my very first strike. My inbox is filling up with women (and men) who say otherwise and who are pumping their fist in their air via the written word and I appreciate that. Unfortunately, it doesn't help me to feel better (*update. I lied. It it a bit, thank you) because I allowed another person to determine the length of my fuse. I don't want how I react - even if provoked - to conflict with who I am. Balancing who you are with the urge to verbally decimate someone is a trick; not a parlor trick, but some serious David Copperfield stuff. I don't ever want to become that which I abhor just because some sexist baited me into it and I took it because I wanted to show him what-for.

Anyway, I had to get this off my chest because it's bothered me all morning and I wanted to apologize to anyone who may have been taken aback as well as to those who weren't.

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